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Παρακολούθηση ανηλίκων

Juvenile Surveillance

Juvenile Surveillance

“OUZOUNIS” Private Investigations Bureau gives parents the opportunity to confirm or deny suspicions about their children, while offering psychological support gives possible solutions to their problem.

παρακολούθηση κινητού τηλεφώνου

Locating mobile phones

Locating Mobile Phones

We can use mobile phones to locate the position and the place of the user of the phone regardless of where he/she might be

παρακολούθηση συζύγου

Premarital affairs and Infidelity

Premarital affairs and Infidelity

Our Bureau, having vast experience in such matters, gives you the opportunity to know some more things about your partner in life providing of course all the appropriate evidence.


OUZOUNIS - Private Investogators

In 1970 mr Manolis and Kyriakos Ozounis established "Ouzounis" Private Investigations Bureau with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. After all these years in the investigation sector we can offer you the best result for the most affordable prices.

Ενδοοικογενειακές υποθέσεις

Interfamilial cases - Inheritance Cases

Within families some issues (financial, inheritance) might arise that can lead to litigation. “OUZOUNIS” Private Investigations Bureau in cooperation with well-known law firms has the ability to offer advice and suggest solutions that can solve the problem smoothly.

Προστασία προσώπων

VIP Security – Body guards

After many years of experience and having built a trusting relationship with customers “OUZOUNIS” Private Investigations Bureau is able to undertake escort of relatives or dear to your environment, but also your professional space (CIT).

Εξειδικευμένες έρευνες

Special investigations

“OUZOUNIS” Private Investigations Bureau, having a great number of trusted partners all over Greece, undertakes inquiries relating to disappearances of people as well as collecting data for judicial purposes.



With experience and our well trained partners all over Greece, our office can accomplish any kind of surveillance.

Are you looking for a private investigator in Athens of Thessaloniki Greece?
Our bureau offers the best result and services for the most affordable prices. It is our commitment to help our client before during and after the case in solved.

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