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Private Investigators - OUZOUNIS

In 1970 mr Manolis and Kyriakos Ozounis established "Ouzounis" Private Investigations Bureau with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The two founders, in the strictest confidence and solvency, unravel directly all the cases handled. The results of their work were the main factor that made "Ouzounis" Private Investigations Bureau maybe the number one investigation bureau in Greece.

Alongside  with “OUZOUNIS” Investigation Bureau the two founders start up “OUZOUNIS Security'', while Manolis Ouzounis becomes President of the Association of Greek Private Policemen (Detective).

Since 2000 the headship of the Bureau was taken over by Mrs. Maria Ouzounis. Mrs. Ouzounis and her associates continue with great success the work following the principles established by the founders.

Ενδοοικογενειακές υποθέσεις

Interfamilial cases - Inheritance Cases

Within families some issues (financial, inheritance) might arise that can lead to litigation. “OUZOUNIS” Private Investigations Bureau in cooperation with well-known law firms has the ability to offer advice and suggest solutions that can solve the problem smoothly.

Προστασία προσώπων

VIP Security – Body guards

After many years of experience and having built a trusting relationship with customers “OUZOUNIS” Private Investigations Bureau is able to undertake escort of relatives or dear to your environment, but also your professional space (CIT).

Εξειδικευμένες έρευνες

Special investigations

“OUZOUNIS” Private Investigations Bureau, having a great number of trusted partners all over Greece, undertakes inquiries relating to disappearances of people as well as collecting data for judicial purposes.



With experience and our well trained partners all over Greece, our office can accomplish any kind of surveillance.